Buying a House in 2018? Follow These 7 Tips for a Stress-Free House-Hunting Process

Are you thinking about buying a house in 2018 in the Upstate New York real estate market?

Consider these 7 tips to help make your house-hunting process as efficient and stress-free as possible!

Maximize savings & budget smart

If you haven’t already, you should be setting a monthly budget and setting savings aside for a down payment. Reign in your spending, and prior to getting pre-approved, make sure you check your credit scores. They play a major role in your purchase price, approval, and rates, so be proactive in case anything needs to be addressed. Plus, extra costs always come up once move-in arrives. You’ll be in a much better position if you’ve been budgeting and spending smart in the months leading up to your closing date.

Get pre-approved

Talk to a reputable lender about getting pre-approved to make your home buying process more efficient. Most real estate agents will need that info before getting started, and it’s important to know how much you can afford to spend. This shouldn’t be a scary process. In fact, many buyers find this process helpful and confidence-boosting – since now they know their budget and can seriously look at potential properties. Note: just because you’re pre-approved by a certain lender doesn’t mean you need to take out a loan with that lender.

Buying a House in 2018 | 7 Tips to Follow for Buying a House in Upstate New York

Create a saved search and get new listings in your inbox

Most real estate websites give you the ability to create a saved search with criteria relevant to your house hunt. The CMK & Associates website and mobile app allow you to easily find listings you’ll love throughout the Greater Capital Region and Southern Adirondacks. Filter by price range, location, property type, bedrooms, acreage, and more, then receive email notifications when new listings that match your criteria hit the market.

Buying a House in 2018? Follow These 7 Tips for a Stress-Free House-Hunting Process

Explore homes and neighborhoods online and in person

The house hunt has gone mobile! More people than ever are finding homes through mobile apps or online resources, but the art of cruising neighborhoods should not be lost! In some cases, the neighborhood the house is in plays a bigger role in the decision making process than the house itself. Research different neighborhoods to get a feel for pricing, community, activities and entertainment, school districts, crime rates, and whatever else is important to you and your family.

Connect with an area expert

Sure, most house hunting happens online, but that shouldn’t stop you from connecting with a real estate agent who has a proven track record helping people find the right home in the area you’re looking in. Our agents here at CMK are spread across 7 locations throughout the Greater Albany area and Southern Adirondacks and are here to help you find your dream home. You can live chat with a member of our team, send us a message through our contact form, or call one of our local offices to start a conversation with an agent.

The best time to buy might be the second half of the year

We have high hopes for the 2018 real estate market, but before you rush the home buying process early in the year, it may be a smart strategy to slow down and wait things out. According to Zillow, late Summer into early Fall may actually be the best time to buy a home. There’s typically a lull in the dead of summer, but the market tends to fill up with inventory when the temperature starts to drop. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the market… You might be able to snatch up an attractive listing at a time when less competition is looking to buy.


Buying a House in 2018? Follow These 7 Tips for a Stress-Free House-Hunting Process

Stay patient and hopeful

Stick with it! Finding the right home doesn’t always happen right away. The right home will come along. Buyers rarely regret buying the home that they do, because they make it their home.


We’ll help you find your dream home!

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