The Correlation Between Property Values and School Districts

Looking to make a move? Whether you do or don’t have kids, it’s important to take into account the correlation between property values and school districts if you’re buying or selling. Generally speaking the better the school district the more valuable a house will be. If you have kids or plan on having them, you want them to go to a great school and to succeed. Placing them in a “top notch” school district will help them to do just that.

The Correlation Between Property Values and School Districts for Sellers

Understanding your local school districts will also help to determine the value of your house if you’re thinking about selling. The better the school district, the more value is found in your home. Normally homes that are in great school districts will sell faster than their counterparts in lesser districts. Think about it, even if you don’t have kids, future potential buyers might not want your home if it’s in a school district with a poor reputation. 

So when you are selling your home, make it a point to highlight the pros of your school district. If you’re in a great district this should be easy, but if you’re in a less than stellar district, you’ll need to do a little digging to see what makes your school district unique. Here are some things to think about:

  • Location of School(s)
  • Number of Students Enrolled
  • Personal Experiences with the School: What Makes It So Special

The Correlation Between Property Values and School Districts for Buyers

It normally takes a couple months to close on property, so if you want your kids to be in a new school district THIS SCHOOL YEAR, then now is the time to buy! Working with a stellar agent to find that perfect home will help to make the process much easier. They know and understand the surrounding areas and that too pertains to a great school district! Check out our list of things to look for when evaluating a great school district:

  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Teacher-to-Student Ratio
  • Condition of Facilities
  • Graduation Rates
  • Percent of Honor Roll/High Honor Roll Students
  • Types of Classes that the School Offers

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Although it may seem minor, the correlation between property values and school district is a factor that could decide how long your home stays on the market, how much it could sell for, and of course the overall home value.