Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is almost upon us! With winter on its way out, many of us are thinking about how we can start getting our home ready for the coming warmer months. Check out some of our best tips on how to get your home ready for spring!


Welcome the warm and breezy weather by adding some color to your home and bringing in more light and even a little bit of greenery. Our favorite spring décor tips include:

  • Swap out old heavy bedding for brighter and lighter sheets
  • Bring in houseplants or vibrantly colored flowers to add a pop of color to living spaces
  • Hang lightly colored sheer curtains so that your house can be filled with ample amounts of natural sunlight
  • Add colorful accents throughout your house (this helps to brighten up rooms without taking up much space)
  • Change up your throw pillows from beige or neutral colored pillows to more vibrant options like pink, yellow, red, or green!


After the long, dark winter, the outside of your home probably needs a little extra TLC. Each spring season we recommend:

  • Sweeping the decks and patio once the snow has completely melted
  • Checking the gutters (or hiring someone who’s able to check them!). If filled with leaves and other debris, clean them out
  • Inspecting for possible cracks in the concrete, which may have occurred during the winter months
  • Examine your roof for any shingles that may have been lost or damaged from wind, snow, sleet, or ice. Note that shingles that are cracked, loose or missing granules can be further damaged by the summer sun


This wouldn’t be an article about preparing you home for spring if we didn’t address spring cleaning! Our best spring cleaning tips include:

  • Open all of your doors and windows on a nice, warm day to let the fresh air in and clear out any lingering smells
  • Wash windows (it helps to better let that natural light in) and screens! If there are any tears or holes in the screens, make sure to repair to keep from bugs coming in
  • Clean areas and spaces that don’t get cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, such as mattresses, fireplaces or the refrigerator
  • Dust and polish all surfaces to add new life to your home!