Selling a House in Upstate New York? Here’s 7 Tips to Prepare for The 2018 Market

Planning on selling your house in the Upstate New York real estate market this year?

The local housing market – and the buyers house-hunting in it – continue to change as technology and buyer behavior evolves. Consider following these 7 tips for selling a house in 2018 at the asking price!


Set aside time for spring cleaning

They don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason! The first few months of the year are a great time to take a good, hard look at the cleanliness of your home. What would a potential buyer think if they did a walkthrough in its current conditions? Spend some time (or go on a weekend cleaning binge) and get organized. Donate, recycle, or trash what you don’t need, and if you already have access to your new place, store everything you can over there. Closets and storage space is a big deal to buyers, so make sure they look clutter-free and as spacious as possible. A good first impression is crucial!

Increase your home’s value on a budget

Small changes can make a big impact on buyers. Minor changes like updating cabinet handles, adding a backsplash behind the kitchen sink, or improving the back patio space can boost the perceived value and stamp a lasting impression on a buyer, leaving you more likely to get your full asking price.

Keep your neighbors in the loop

If there are neighbors nearby, let them know you’re selling your house before the sign goes on the lawn. Relationships aside, it’s important to keep them in your corner when likely buyers start asking around. Buyers often ring nearby doorbells with a questions about the neighborhood, school districts, and weekend traffic or noise volume, so you may want to give them some notice ahead of time. Plus, maybe they’ll take extra good care of their exterior landscaping to help the area look nicer.

Market to millennials

As more millennial buyers in their mid-20s and mid-30s enter the market, it’s important to cater to this crowd with things that typically appeal to them. In fact, buyers in this age range are set to make up 43% of home buyers taking out a mortgage by the end of 2018. This demographic is looking to settle in suburban neighborhoods with perks they find valuable. If you have an awesome coffee shop around the corner or great restaurants just minutes away, talk those up in your online descriptions and during showings. Also, green and smart home features like solar panels and connected in-home technology can make a big difference, too. Be sure to mention how much they’d be saving on utilities.

A fresh coat of paint is worth the effort

Paint is relatively inexpensive, and in most cases you can do it yourself. A fresh coat seriously enhances the buyer’s first impression when walking into your house, and they obviously help cover up all those scuffs and handprints! Stick with something neutral, and if you want to take things to the next level, power-wash the exterior and paint the front door and shutters.

Take advantage of the rise of online video

High quality pictures are a must, but adding video tours, 360-degree interactive walkthroughs, and aerial drone footage can really help your listing stand out online. Drone’s can be especially effective with properties on multiple acres to showcase the land and surrounding area. Having video content makes promoting the property much easier, and potential buyers get the best possible view of the home from the comfort of their own. Guess what? Here at CMK we offer all of those capabilities!

Hit the sweet spot with your asking price

Make sure you’re connecting with your Realtor who constantly stays up to date with key market indicators like competitive pricing trends and recent sales in your area to hit the bullseye with your listing price. You have to tip-toe a fine line of not scaring potential buyers with a high asking price while not undervaluing your home and walking away with less than you should’ve. This stuff can seem like hieroglyphics to some people, so consult with your agent to figure out your ideal list price to generate the most interest at maximum value.


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