Why Winter May Be the Best Time to List Your House

Selling your home can seem like a daunting process, especially if you need to sell during the fall and winter seasons. While it’s true that spring may be the peak home buying season, there are still many benefits to listing your home in the off season. A recent study done by Redfin showed that houses listed in winter had the highest chances of being sold within 6 months. These houses also spent the least amount of time on the market compared to homes listed in other seasons.

Motivated Buyers

Even though the number of people who are attending the showings in the fall and winter may be less than half of those that show up during the busier season, those individuals tend to be more motivated to make a purchase.

Less Competition

It’s true there are less buyers looking for a home during the winter, BUT there are also less homes on the market. The lack of competition could help you sell your home quickly, especially to the eager individuals who tend to look for houses in the off season.

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Brian Miller, at CMK & Associates Real Estate states, “The winter time is an excellent time to list your home. Too often sellers want to wait until the spring to list, but listing in the winter before others puts your home well ahead of the competition from a listing standpoint.

Brian goes on to share how the snow covered ground can also work towards a seller’s advantage. “The snow covered ground outside reflects additional lighting within the home. This is an added advantage when it comes to showing the home and taking high quality interior photos!

Check out some other tips on selling during the winter and letting the season work towards your advantage!

Tips for Selling in the Winter:

  • Lighten up – Filling your house with warm lighting and painting all of your walls off white can offset the lack of natural lighting during the fall and winter months. The off white walls can also make your home look more spacious and inviting.
  • Remove personal items – When showing a home, remove any personal items such as family pictures and religious items. It is important that the family coming to see the home can envision themselves living there.
  • Show off the beauty of your house in other seasons – By adding winter plants to the outside of your home and displaying pictures of your house in the springtime, you can show off the lush beauty of your house in different seasons.

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